Agristore for Animal Bedding

Specialist suppliers of quality Animal Bedding Products including:

  • Horse Bedding
  • Cattle Bedding
  • Poultry Shavings

Our success is founded on first-hand experience of farming and equine care, which means we understand and appreciate your needs / requirements and will support and advise you.

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Animal Bedding Products - Our Range

We supply bedding products on a National basis in any quantity from a single pallet up to full artic loads, including.

Horse Bedding

Various grades of Dust-extracted wood shavings.

  • Large Flake 100% Pine Softwood Shavings
  • Premium Wood Shavings
  • Economy Wood Shavings

Cattle Bedding

  • Powder Bed Fine Powdered Sawdust
  • Grade I - Baled Kiln Dried Sawdust
  • Grade II - Bagged Softwood Sawdust Based Bedding Material
  • Sawdust / Shavings - Mixed Bale
  • Antibacterial Bedding Additive

More Information

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